Funds Allocation to Guilds

The DAO Treasury will allocate funds/budgets to different guilds in the following manner:

  1. The DAO treasury will collect funds from various sources like lottery ticket sales, bond sales, token sales, and staking rewards.

  2. The treasury committee, consisting of community-elected financial experts, will evaluate the available funds and decide on the allocation percentage for each guild based on their respective needs and objectives.

  3. The allocated funds will be transferred to each guild's respective multisig wallet.

  4. Each guild's executive members, consisting of community-elected representatives, will be responsible for managing the funds within their guild according to the guild's objectives and plans.

  5. Regular financial reports and audits will be conducted to ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation and use of funds by each guild.

  6. Any excess funds from any guild will be transferred back to the DAO treasury for allocation in the next budget cycle.

This mechanism will ensure that the funds are allocated efficiently and transparently to support the growth and success of each guild within the Redemption DAO ecosystem.

How Guilds Can Spend The Funds?

Each guild will have its own set of guidelines and policies in place to ensure responsible spending. Additionally, the guilds will need to provide regular updates and reports on their spending activities to the DAO and the community to maintain transparency and accountability.

The approval process for guild spending proposals will follow the DAO's governance system, which will involve community members voting on proposals through a decentralized voting mechanism. This ensures that the community has a say in how the DAO's funds are allocated and that the decisions are made in a decentralized and democratic way.

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