Management of Bonds

How Will Redemption Bonds Be Managed?

Although most of the work will be done by smart contracts a guild will be made to oversight the entire management process. Its members will be elected by Redemption Tokenholders and will consist of members who have expertise in bond management, finance, and blockchain technology. They will also oversee the automated monitoring system and will be responsible for adding more assets to the collateral pool if the collateralization ratio falls below the required level.

The Redemption Bonds Guild will provide regular reports to the Redemption DAO and the Bondholders to ensure transparency and accountability. These reports will include information about the collateralization ratio, the amount of assets in the Redemption Treasury, and the status of outstanding Bonds.

the Redemption Bonds Guild will play a critical role in ensuring that the Bonds are managed in a secure and responsible manner. They will work closely with the smart contracts to ensure that the Bonds are always backed by the assets in the Redemption Treasury and that Bondholders are able to redeem their Bonds at maturity.

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