How Does DAO Treasury Work?

DAO Treasury is the backbone of Redemption. It manages the entire financial system of the project. In order to ensure its longevity, Redemption has designed several income streams for the Treasury to strengthen its ecosystem.

  • 3% Tax on every transaction will be charged and these fees will be directed to the treasury.

  • A certain percentage of funds from any unwon lottery round will be added to the treasury.

  • The DAO will manage assets in the treasury and use these funds in profitable ventures to generate more profits. These profits will also increase the Treasury value over a period of time.

  • 10% Fee from every ticket sale will be collected in the Treasury which adds significant funds to the treasury.

  • In case of a need for emergency funds, the DAO can issue a limited amount of tokens at discounted rates to fund its operations without affecting the token price in the exchange.

How Are Redemption Bonds Backed By The Treasury?

Redemption bonds are 100% backed by the assets in treasury. It means that you can redeem your bonds at any given time and they will be redeemed at their face value. If you redeem your bonds after maturity, you will also get a profit.

The Redemption algorithm never issues bonds of more value than the assets in its treasury. Hence, the reserves of the Redemption Treasury back our bonds and provide assurance to the bondholders that their bonds are 100% safe and secure and are redeemable at any time.

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