How The Winning No Is Drawn?

Lottery draws require randomness to create unpredictable, fair, and tamper proof drawings and distribution of the rewards.

Redemption utilizes Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) service for generating randomness of a matching number for the winning ticket to guarantee fair and auditable rewards distribution and user engagement.

How To Win?

Once the timer ends, the VRF will generate an X-digit random winning number depending on the type of pool you have participated in. For this example, we assume that you have participated in a 5-Digit Lottery Pool.

Hence, the VRF will generate a 5-digit random winning number.

Match your lottery ticket number to the winning number from left to right. Let’s say the winning number is:

and your ticket number is:

In this case, the first 3 numbers of your lottery ticket match the winning number in the same order. Even though your last digit also matches the winning number in the same order, as the 4th one does not match, you would win a "Match first 3" prize.

Keeping the winning number the same as above, let’s say your ticket number is

In this case, you do not fall in any winning bracket despite that the last 4 digits on your lottery ticket match with the winning number in the same manner. But as we have to match the number from left to right, this ticket isn’t eligible for any prize.

Here’s a BONUS point: Each lucky draw can have multiple winners. When there is only a single winner, that person will take all the prize money. But in the case of multiple winners, the prize money will be divided according to the number of winners and the prize brackets they fall in.

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