Redemption Bonds

What Are Redemption Bonds?

Win Through Savings

"Redemption bonds" is a revolutionary on-chain bonds protocol that offers puttable bonds with fixed profit rates at maturity and also provides the opportunity to win prizes on a weekly basis at each individual bonds level, providing an additional incentive to invest. These bonds are unique in a way that they offer the flexibility to redeem your bonds and receive your original principal at any time. Redemption bonds are similar to prize bonds but also offer fixed and competitive profit rates at maturity. They are developed using the ERC-3475 standard and run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Puttable Bonds

Redemption bonds are puttable ERC-3475 Bonds, which means that investors have the option to sell their bonds at their par value, back to the Redemption Treasury before they reach maturity. The basic ERC-3475 contract does not have this feature, but it can be used as a foundation to create a Puttable ERC-3475 contract that incorporates the logic for putting bonds. This way, investors can take advantage of the flexibility that puttable bonds offer, while still benefiting from the features of the basic ERC-3475 contract.

The Puttable ERC-3475 contract inherits all methods and properties of the abstract storage bonds standard EIP-3475, which allows it to include the additional functionality required for putting bonds. By inheriting the basic ERC-3475 contract, the Puttable ERC-3475 contract also benefits from its reliability and security.

In a nutshell, Redemption Bonds are the most innovative and secure crypto bonds.

Salient Features of Redemption Bonds are:

  • Secured Principal: Keep your Principal 100% Secured as Bonds are backed by the assets in Redemption Treasury.

  • Get Lucrative Returns: Hold your Redemption bonds till maturity to get profits and earn through savings.

  • Win Prizes: Get a chance to Win Weekly Prizes over and above your Principal Amount.

  • Redeemable Anytime: You can redeem your bond and get your Principal back anytime you want at its face value.

Redemption Bonds Denominations

You can get the Redemption bonds worth of (USD):

  • $100 Denomination (4 Prize draws every month)

  • $500 Denomination (2 Prize draws every month)

  • $1,000 Denomination (1 Prize draw every month)

  • $10,000 Denomination (1 Prize draw every 3 months)

Please note, these bonds can only be bought Redemption dApp.

The Maturity Periods

  • 3 Months

  • 6 Months

  • 9 Months

  • 12 Months


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