How to Get RDTN?

Get RDTN - PancakeSwap

Go to by clicking on the button “Get RDTN”. You will see the screen as given below.

Next, follow these simple steps:

1. Swap USDT with RDTN or Vice Versa

You can use the small arrow in the middle of the page to choose whether you want to swap RDTN with USDT or vice versa.

Connect to Wallet

Once the token is selected, click on the "Connect Wallet" under it. The button is also available in the top right corner of the screen.

After clicking the “Connect Wallet” Button, a window will appear where you will have different wallet options like Metamark, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, Coinbase, Ports, etc. Choose the one as per your preference.

For this example, we will be choosing Metamask.

After that, a window will appear where you will have to choose the account that you want to use for that particular transaction. Once the account is selected, you can then proceed to the connection of the wallet.

Your wallet is now connected. So Let us Do Some SWAPPING.

Select the amount of USDT that you want to swap in order to get some RDTN.

But before that, let us have a look at the settings on the top right corner of the pop up.

It contains the following options.

Slippage Tolerance

It is the pricing difference between the price at the time of confirmation and the actual price of the transaction that the users are willing to accept. If you leave it on auto, Pancakeswap will set it for you. But you can also personally set it if you want.

Transaction Deadline

Here, you choose the maximum time for which our exchange operation stays on hold. Once the chosen deadline exceeds, it will be canceled if you have not set the transaction deadline properly.

Auto Router API

Once enabled, it uses PancakeSwap Labs API to get faster quotes.

Expert Mode

Only enable this mode if you are an expert in token crypto trading. It’s because expert mode allows you ultra-high spillage trades which may not be suitable for you especially is you are new to the field. So it’s better to keep it off.

Coming back to the exchange,

Here’s how to make the exchange.

First, type in the amount of currency that you want to swap against Redemption token. You can also do the other way around by selecting the Redemption tokens to know how much USDT you need in order to get a specified number of RDTNs.

If you are ready for the transaction, then click on “Swap” button. After that, a confirmation window will pop up on your screen with some necessary information, much like a regular bank transaction.

Once double-checked, click on “Confirm Swap”.

A wallet window will be opened to ask for your confirmation. After confirmation, you will get your newly purchased tokens in your wallet.

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