Redemption Bonds Features

  • Non-fungible: Not like any form of ERC-20 LP token, a with different nonce is not mutually interchangeable, hence not fungible.

  • Multi-dimensional: Each ERC3475 Redemption Bond stores an array of integers, not like an ERC-20 token can store only a mapping from an address to a balance. This feature is used to store redemption conditions and different interest rates.

  • Gas-efficient: Current existing fragmentation of LP or NFT use ERC-20 token standard. This means each fragmentation of NFT or LP needs the deployment of a new smart contract. Thus generate an unnecessary gas expense.

  • Multiple fragments: Because of the high gas spent, the current fragmentation systems must limit the number of classes and sub-categories generated. ERC-3475 can in turn generate almost countless classes and sub-categories without the need to publish a new smart contract.

  • Puttable: the debts that a Redemption Bond represents must be fulfilled when the conditions are met. It can be a fixed amount of repayment or any floating interest based on a predetermined index factor.

  • Obligated: ERC-3475 obliges both the Redemption Treasury and the creditors to fulfill their promise. This feature can be used to make sure that the Liquidity will not be emptied suddenly. In return, the Redemption Treasury will ensure the promised yield.

  • Marketable: Debond is itself a financial product that will be allowed to be exchanged on a secondary market in the later phase of the project.

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