Redemption Token (RDTN)

What is Redemption Token?

Redemption token is a Layer-2, BEP-20 Type, “Utility Token”. Harnessing its usability from the BNB Smartchain, the Redemption token is an essential token used on the Redemption platform by any user to participate in a decentralized Lottery, Staking, and Redemption DAO bonds named Redemption Bonds.

Following are the Salient Features of Token.

  1. It's a utility & Governance Token

  2. Built on BNB Smart Chain

  3. Provides proportionate governance & ownership rights

  4. Available on DEX for Trading

  5. Utilized for Participating in Lottery and Staking.

  6. Profits from bonds are also dispensed in RDTN form.

  7. Low taxes and deflationary token.

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