Redemption DAO

Redemption DAO is the governing body of the entire Project. From funds management to decision making and decision implementation, everything is done by Redemption Community (RDTN tokenholders).

Here are the Salient Features of Redemption DAO.

  1. Manifesto of Redemption DAO is to decentralize and crowdsource the modes of earning by adopting proposals generated by the community of RDTN Holders.

  2. Redemption DAO is at the center of the Redemption Project. It operates a treasury to manage and allocate the financial resources of the project effectively.

  3. Create new proposals for improvements in the project or vote on existing proposals.

  4. Redemption uses the “SafeSnap” Plugin on “Snapshot”, which enables decentralized execution of crypto governance proposals, through on-chain execution of off-chain votes.

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