Earn Rewards Holding Redemption Tokens

RDTN is a governance token that provides you with voting rights & dividends proportional to your holdings. Stake your Redemption to strengthen the protocol & earn rewards at a higher APR which increases your RDTN holdings, ultimately increasing your Governance & Dividend rights in Redemption Treasury.

Redemption offers fixed-period staking pools. These staking pools are used to incentivize the blocking of redemption tokens by giving rewards to you for participating in these pools.

This is a perfectly automated system that manages rewards with weighted averages that not only take into account the time during which the tokens have been allocated in the pool but also consider the total amount of tokens paid in.

The staking period is fixed at the creation of each pool which blocks the token’s sale in the pool's smart contract. Once the staking period ends, the reward in tokens is distributed, according to the weighted average system. The accrued reward can be requested directly via the smart contract function which is connected to the web app GUI.

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