How to Earn?

How to Make Money With Redemption?

Redemption offers 3 Easy approaches to earning unlimited money. From low to no-risk investment opportunities, we have described each one in detail so you know how to make money fast and easily.

1. Redemption Bonds

Blockchain-powered savings protocol backed by Redemption Treasury. Keep your principal amount 100% secure & get profit on your Redemption bonds. SAVE money and also have a chance to WIN Prizes every week. Bonds can be redeemed at any time at their face value if you have an urgent need of funds elsewhere. (Read More)

2. Staking

Redemption Token backs Redemption Bonds as collateral. Stake your RDTN to contribute towards token price stability. As a reward, earn more Redemption to increase your Governance & Dividend rights in Redemption Treasury. (Read More)

3. Lottery

Unlike traditional lotteries, Redemption does not provide you with one in a million chances of winning a lottery. We have revolutionized the lottery world by offering 5 different smart contract based lottery pools based on the active number of lottery players that can play in a pool thus increasing your chances of winning the jackpots.

Start with as low as ~5 USD in Redemption and win millions. REDEMPTION smart contract draws a random number to determine the winners of each prize pool. Match the winning lottery number with your tickets. If they match, you will win. (Read More)

The entire system is perfectly decentralized and works on smart contracts using blockchain technology, making it completely transparent without any risks of fraud.

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